Be The

Explore your beliefs, both conscious and subconscious. Become aware of the power that beliefs have over your choices and decision-making, while developing new tools for your survival toolbox in order to help you overcome challenging obstacles. Discover your ability to create the person you want to become.

Releasing Nov 1st

Table of Contents

So Why Write About Rocks? 1
Section 1: Introduction to the Power of Beliefs 3
Chapter 1: Love Is Powerful 7
Chapter 2: Cause No Harm 13
Chapter 3: Something Greater Than Ourselves 19
Chapter 4: Difficulties: Strength-Building Opportunities 29
Chapter 5: Perseverance: “I Am Capable!” 35
Section 2: Reactions to Our Beliefs 40
Chapter 6: Freedom of Thoughts 43
Chapter 7: Holding Myself Accountable 49
Chapter 8: Putting On “Their” Shoes 55
Chapter 9: Hope in the Future 61
Section 3: Beliefs In Action 68
Chapter 10: Making Beliefs Work to Our Betterment 71
About The Author 73

Book Snippet

Each section begins with a photograph and poem, then content, followed by Insights to Ponder

Be the Rock

Be the Rock
Through the strength
Of love
And empathy.

Be the Rock
Through sacred time
Of perseverance
And hope.

Be the Rock
Through the light
Of positivity
And capability.

Be the Rock
Through independence
Of freedom
And choice.

Be the Rock
Through awareness
Of self-respect
And loving action.

Be the Greatness of the Rock!


Perseverance is two-fold: first, it’s about believing in our own capability to get through whatever we must; and second, it is about discovering that there is always hope. Rocks are great teachers of perseverance. Regardless of the physical changes of rocks—they continue to persevere, showing us that perseverance is just about hanging in there until we reach the goal. Talk about hanging in there!

Perseverance begins with a decision that, with time and experience, turns into a belief. That first question we asked ourselves a long, long, time ago, was “Am I capable of getting through this difficulty?” If we don’t believe we’re capable then we’ll become a victim to each difficulty we have in the future. We become consumed with the thought that bad events will continue to happen to us and there is nothing that can be done.

However, if we choose to “be capable” of getting through anything, our brains will start problem-solving. Our brains will search our toolbox and help us find the right tool to use in that moment. Each moment of survival, added together, equals perseverance. Perseverance is not a one-time thing. It is picking oneself up again and again and again. That’s why we so admire people who have persevered. We know they have had difficulty after difficulty and yet they still chose to move forward. For example: – – –