About Cheri

Cheri Kretsch is a retired Licensed Psychotherapist and a Certified Life Coach, with over forty years of experience working in high schools, for large companies, on military bases, and in private practice. 

She has worked with special-needs students, all high school level students as a guidance counselor, and as an adjunct professor of psychology at the college level. Cheri has taught courses, workshops, and has done many presentations for both small and large groups.

Cheri is the recipient of the Outstanding Young Educator Award for Kansas. She was twice awarded Who’s Who in Education and was Counselor of the Year for Jefferson County Schools in Colorado.  Cheri, also, won both the Golden and Silver Poets Award in Washington, DC.

As a recent retiree, she now pursues her fascination and love of nature, wildlife, and people. Her greatest joy is writing and sharing the wisdom of many years of experience, education, perseverance, and hopefulness.  Cheri believes, “we will only know, how great the human spirit is, when we are challenged and forced to use our hidden abilities.  The capability of the human spirit is remarkable! Nature can help us to interpret our options and opportunities. Choice, a gift we all have, will help determine our uniqueness and character.”