Be The

All about learning to connect within yourself and to others, as well as learning to flow more easily through life.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Power: Aggressive or Assertive?
Chapter 2: All Lessons Are Important
Chapter 3: Frozen in Time
Chapter 4: Obstacles
Chapter 5: External Churning, Internal Calm
Chapter 6: Upstream or Downstream
Chapter 7: Lightness and Laughter
Chapter 8: So Many Paths
Chapter 9: Expansion or Oneself
Chapter 10: Clarity and Integrity
Chapter 11: Reflection
Chapter 12: Ripple Effect
Chapter 13: The Power of the Waterfall

“I couldn’t put it down.


Book Snippet

Each chapter begins with a photograph and poem, then content, followed by Insights to Ponder

Insights to Ponder

  1. What difficult events have you experienced? Write them
  2. Looking at that list, how do you feel? Look at each one
    separately— how do you feel about each one? . . . . .

Frozen In Time

Crystalized Water – Frozen In Time

Crystallized water—ice! I just can’t help thinking of the animated movie Frozen. It reminds me how ice was a curse, something to fear, and yet, it produced a magical beauty. How often in life have we felt stuck or frozen and yet in the end we learned so much more about ourselves, our beauty?

Ice is a temporary situation. Even glaciers, thick and seemingly solid, are moving and changing constantly. As nature thaws out her ice she exposes more of herself. We see streams, flowers, and rocks. We’re much like the ice. When a conflict has occurred we often deal with it as best we can at the time.

But more often than not, it’s been emotionally packed away deep within the archives of the brain. It’s become frozen in time. But frozen in thought and frozen in emotions are two distinctly different things. . . . . . .